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Accessible as never before.

Introducing HIVE

All reference stations through the single interface. No frustration and overpayments.

HIVE is a source of RTK corrections and RINEX files from reference stations. Start working with RTK or download RINEX files for post-processing effortlessly. Simplicity and ease reflect in the state-of-the-art interface. Every tiny detail is polished up to clarify the user journey for each workflow state.


More stations – more opportunities. Separate reference stations form a system with the maximal coverage area and network density.

HIVE connects
61 Russian regions.

RTK: one minute to go

RTK GPS allows surveyors to conduct stakeout and detail surveys in a highly efficient manner. To start working with RTK became easier: HIVE generates NTRIP RTK account for each user automatically.

With RTK users worked for
78 198  часов.

RINEX 2.11

Two steps to get RINEX:

  • – configure your order's options;
  • – pay the way you like.

The System will generate and email your order automatically.
Fast and simple.

HIVE processed
20 015  заказов.
Be up to date

Keep track of all changes in a reference station status. If the station goes offline/online the system will send you a text message (SMS).

Pay as you go

Nobody works the whole month 24 hours a day. That’s why there are daily and hourly rates for RTK and RINEX.

Nail it

Easier-to-use interface supports every workflow stage: a search for a reference station, an order configuration and a purchase.

Вход в систему HIVE